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  • Welcome🤝

    3 Jul 2019 by

    View the world together with us. Be connected to the revolutionary tail. Pls subscribe below👇to get no missed updates.

  • Life Without You Is A Total Waste To Many

    9 Nov 2019 by

    Don’t argue pls….. Don’t! Life without you is an entire waste to many around the poor little globe we settled in. It is so funny to hear what the lowered-class people in this entirely bigger world of depression had made themselves believed. In one way or the other, we are all victim of this circumstance(s).… Read more

  • We Are LEVELED

    16 Oct 2019 by

    Hey, It seems like you have forgotten so soon. Alright then, lemme bring it back to you! Back then remember, you two were the talk of the town. You two were just the best definition of friendship. Like angels sent to earth to act the tales, and teach humanity the true definition of friendship. ‘5&6’… Read more

  • Death – Ibrahim Lateef Poetry

    13 Oct 2019 by

    Oh ! Death You are the silencer Of all man’s mouth You are the unseen wind That blows with no restriction. You are the unknown demon That knocks no door to enter. Your perilous rod Knows no man You snatch souls Before a twinkle of an eye If you know coins We would have filled… Read more

  • Into the Shattered Wall

    11 Oct 2019 by

    Hi guys today I remembered something very interesting that I figured out to share with you. Have you ever been hurt due to someone looking down on you or being shouted at that it affected your ability to continue psychologically? Have you ever been in that situation whereby you try to do something at your… Read more

  • Beautiful Black

    23 Jul 2019 by

    Today I take it upon my humble self to celebrate the natural colour of Africans; specifically women. When I look at the possibility of the kind of world nature has brought upon the people of ‘The Black Race’, I tend to feel this burning desire of wanting to understand the mystery behind the ehnchanting colour… Read more

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